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European Peer Training

The European Peer Review Association offers European Peer Training. The training is based on the Peer competence profile and curriculum developed in the project "Peer Review Extended II".

Below you will find information on the following questions:

Training offers

There are two types of trainings.

  1. European Peer Trainings will last 2-3 days and cover all competences needed to act as a Peer.
  2. Extended trainings (min. 4 days) will also cover aspects of managing Peer Reviews in the reviewed institution.
    These "Peer Review Trainings" target not only prospective peers but also managers of educational institutions and future Peer Review Facilitators.

Sucessful participants will 

  • receive a European Peer Training Certificate
  • be eligible for inclusion the European Peer Register.

For institutions carrying out European Peer Reviews within EPRA and on a transnational level European Training for Peers is obligatory.

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Why participate in a European Peer Training?

Common European qualification

  • European Peer Training provides a quality assured training based on a European competence profile. It is also a good starting point for initiatives on the local or national level - transferring European know-how to one's own institution and context.
  • European Peer Training is a must for all those who want to conduct Peer Reviews on a European level: it will ensure that Peers have the same qualification and, perhaps even more important, the same understanding of Peer Review across countries.
  • This in turn means that all Erasmus+ partnerships on Peer Review should make sure to receive some European Peer Training.

European Peer Register

  • Successful participants will be included in the European Peer Register. This register will provide a pool of certified Peers - for current Peer Review partnerships, but also for future ones. EPRA members will have access to this register in order to recruit Peers on the European level.

Peer Review Label

  • European Peer Training is therefore also a prerequisite for obtaining the European Peer Review label: for reasons of quality assurance providers who want to apply for the label will need to employ Peers certified by EPRA (European Peer Register).
  • EPRA maintains a European Peer Register

Mutual exchange on European level and "matchmaking"

  • Last but not least, the European Peer Training also provides the opportunity to get to know colleagues and institutions from other countries.
  • The training itself supports exchange and mutual learning and is an ideal platform for finding partners for future Peer Review (and other) projects.

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Who can participate?

The European Peer Trainings (short and extended version) are open to all people interested in European Peer Review.

Main target groups

  • The main target group, however, will be staff from education providers - from schools, VET, adult education etc.
  • European Peer Training will also be offered to guidance professionals and professionals working in the validation of non formal and informal learning.

In case of limited places, preference will be given to staff of institutions participating in European Peer Review partnership projects.

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How to obtain funding?

Funding for European Peer Training is available through Erasmus+. It will cover travel and subsistence and (parts of) the training fee.*

Staff training in Erasmus+

The relevant section is KA 1 - Mobility of indivduals in general & vocational education and training. Proposals can be submitted for

  • staff training of school staff, see current Erasmus+ Programme Guide) p. 59ff. (MOBILITY PROJECT FOR SCHOOL EDUCATION STAFF)
  • staff training of adult education staff, see current Erasmus+ Programme Guide p. 66ff.

(For VET staff not staff training strand is foreseen in the programme)


The next deadline for submission of applications is

February 2, 2017 – KA 1: Mobility of indivduals in general & vocational education and training

Please note that indivuals cannot apply for mobility funding in Erasmus+. All mobility applications must be handed in by your institution.

Support for EPRA members

* EPRA members will be able to take advantage of a reduced fee.

EPRA members can also obtain help in submitting their funding proposals. Please contact us here

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Training calendar 2017-18

European Peer Trainings will be held regularly at least once or twice a year. The trainings will also be aligned with ongoing Peer Review partnership projects to ensure that all Peers in these projects can obtain a European qualification.

Have a look at our training calender here

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