Peer Training 2017/18 - European Peer Review Network

European Peer Review Training

Vienna, autumn/winter 2017/18

The European Peer Review Training is offered by the European Peer Review Association (EPRA)

Training dates will be announced.

Aims of the training

The Peer Review Training aims to impart to prospective Peers and Peer Review Facilitators all necessary knowledge, skills and competences to conduct a Peer Review in a professional manner and according to the quality criteria set out in the European Peer Review Manual.

Upon completion of the training, participants will receive a European Peer Review Training Certificate from EPRA and will be included in the European Peer Register.

Costs and registration

Participants are asked to register with the European Peer Review Association until September 15, 2017.

For registration send an email to info(at) with your name, institution, country and contact details (address, email, telephone number).

Please also indicate whether you are an EPRA member (individual or institutional).

Course fee

The costs for the 4-day-seminar are 400,-- Euro.

EPRA members can take advantage of a reduced rate of 280,-- Euro.

Information on how to become a member of the European Peer Review Association can be found on the EPRA website:

The course fee is payable until September 15, 2017 to the EPRA account.

Accomodation and travel arrangements

International participants are asked to make their own accommodation and travel arrangements.

EPRA members with an Erasmus+ grant will be able to use the European funding for subsistence and travelling

Course overview

  • Introduction to Peer Review as external evaluation
  • Embedding Peer Review in quality management
  • Management of transnational European Peer Reviews
  • Roles and tasks of Peers
  • Tasks of Peer Review Facilitators
  • Planning and preparation of the Peer Review
  • Working with the European Quality Areas
  • Qualitative methods with special focus on qualitative group interviews
  • Evaluation design und agenda for the Peer Visit
  • Data analysis, interpretation and assessment
  • Oral feedback and reporting
  • Moderation and communication
  • Work in Peer Team


The training will be held in English.


to be announced


Please contact EPRA if you need further information or want to sign up for participation: info(at)


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